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Three Tourists Found Dead in Mexico

Tourists Found Dead in Mexico

In a devastating turn of events, three tourists – Australian brothers Jake and Callum Robinson, aged 30 and 33 respectively, along with their American friend Jack Carter Rhoad, 30 – were found dead in Mexico. Their bodies were discovered in a well, with authorities confirming that they had been shot in the head and their bodies dumped. The incident has sent shockwaves through their families, communities, and the international community, raising concerns about safety in Mexico and the risks faced by travelers, particularly in regions marked by violence.

The Disappearance

The trio went missing on April 27 while on a surfing trip in Ensenada, a town known for its surfing conditions. Their disappearance sparked a frantic search effort, involving both local and international authorities. However, the worst fears of their loved ones were confirmed when their bodies were identified by relatives who had traveled to Mexico to assist in the investigation.

The Attack

Authorities believe that the men were attacked while trying to prevent the theft of their pickup truck. Maria Andrade, Baja California state prosecutor, suggested that the attackers targeted the vehicle for its tires and resorted to violence when the tourists resisted. The bodies were discovered in a well, about 6km from the site of the attack in the town of Santo Tomás.

Arrests and Suspects

Following the discovery of the bodies, two men and a woman were detained on suspicion of direct or indirect involvement in the attack. One of the suspects, a man with a previous criminal record, has been charged with “forced disappearance.” The investigation is ongoing, with authorities working to apprehend all those responsible for the heinous crime.

Context of Violence in Mexico

The incident sheds light on the pervasive violence in certain regions of Mexico, particularly those marked by drug trafficking and organized crime. Baja California, where the attack occurred, is one of Mexico’s most violent states. According to official figures, it had the country’s second-highest murder rate in 2023, after Guanajuato.

National Defence Secretary Luis Cresencio Sandoval has previously stated that a significant portion of murders in Baja California are linked to drug trafficking and organized crime. Despite efforts to address the issue, violence continues to plague the region, posing risks to both locals and tourists alike.

Victims Remembered

Jake and Callum Robinson, along with Jack Carter Rhoad, were beloved members of their communities, with friends and family remembering them fondly. Callum had been pursuing his dream of becoming a professional lacrosse player in the US, while Jake was about to start a new job as a doctor in Victoria.

Tributes and Grief

The news of their deaths has sparked an outpouring of grief and tributes from friends, teammates, and loved ones. Callum’s lacrosse teammates described him as a “larger-than-life personality” with a warm and friendly demeanor. His girlfriend, Emily Horwath, expressed her devastation, saying her heart was “shattered into a million pieces.”

Similarly, Jack Carter Rhoad’s social media accounts showed glimpses of his happiness, including his proposal to his partner less than a year ago. Friends of his family set up a fundraiser to honor his memory, highlighting the joy and kindness he brought to the world.

International Response

The killings have not only shocked the victims’ home countries but have also sparked concern internationally. The Australian Treasurer, Jim Chalmers, expressed condolences to the Robinson family and condemned the “absolutely horrific ordeal.” The incident has also prompted protests in Ensenada, with surfers demanding safer beaches and expressing solidarity with the victims’ families.

Previous Incidents

Tragically, this is not the first time that Australian surfers have been killed while vacationing in Mexico. In 2016, Dean Lucas and Adam Coleman were murdered in Sinaloa state during an attempted robbery. Their deaths serve as a reminder of the dangers faced by travelers in certain parts of the country.

Government Response

In response to the incident, Mexico’s foreign ministry has been in contact with Australian consular officials, offering support to the victims’ families. Additionally, the Mexican ambassador to Australia traveled to Baja California to assist in the investigation and support the families during this difficult time.

Safety Concerns

The incident has raised questions about safety for tourists in Mexico, a country that is a top destination for travelers worldwide. While millions of tourists visit Mexico each year, incidents like this highlight the risks associated with travel, particularly in regions affected by violence and crime.


The Tourists Found Dead in Mexico are a tragic reminder of the dangers faced by travelers in certain parts of Mexico. As authorities continue to investigate the incident and bring those responsible to justice, it is crucial for both locals and tourists to remain vigilant and take precautions to ensure their safety. The international community mourns the loss of these three young men and stands in solidarity with their families during this difficult time.

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