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Kristy Greenberg: A Legal Luminary in Antitrust and Intellectual Property

Kristy Greenberg

Kristy Greenberg is a name that stands out in the legal world, particularly in the realms of antitrust, investment, and intellectual property law. With a rich background in securities and general business litigation, she brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role at MoginRubin LLP. In this blog, we’ll explore Kristy Greenberg’s educational journey, her impressive career, and her significant contributions to the legal field.


Law School Journey

Kristy Greenberg’s path to legal excellence began at the University of San Diego, where she earned her Juris Doctor (J.D.) in 2003. During her time in law school, she made her mark as the comment editor for the San Diego International Law Journal. This role helped her develop strong analytical and writing skills, essential for her future career. Additionally, her active participation in the Pro Bono Law Society demonstrated her commitment to using her legal skills for the greater good.

Undergraduate Accomplishments

Before diving into the world of law, Kristy Greenberg completed her Bachelor of Arts in English at the University of San Diego, graduating cum laude in 2000. Her undergraduate education laid a solid foundation for her legal career, equipping her with critical thinking and communication skills that have proven invaluable throughout her journey.

Professional Career

Early Steps in Securities Defense

Kristy Greenberg’s legal career took off at one of the premier securities defense firms on the West Coast. This early experience provided her with a deep understanding of securities law and litigation, setting the stage for her diverse and successful career.

Transition to Commercial Litigation

Following her stint in securities defense, Greenberg joined one of California’s top commercial litigation firms. Here, she defended commercial and environmental claims, further expanding her legal expertise and gaining experience in handling complex legal issues.

Focus on Antitrust and Investment Law

At MoginRubin LLP, Kristy Greenberg has carved out a niche in antitrust and investment law. Her role involves navigating intricate legal landscapes to protect her clients’ interests and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. Her deep knowledge and strategic approach make her an invaluable asset to the firm.

Intellectual Property Matters

In addition to her work in antitrust and investment law, Greenberg also specializes in intellectual property matters. This includes advising clients on protecting their innovations and navigating the complexities of intellectual property rights. Her expertise in this area helps clients safeguard their valuable assets and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Achievements and Contributions

Managing Large-Scale Projects

One of Kristy Greenberg’s notable achievements is her experience in managing large electronic document review projects. She has successfully supervised numerous attorneys in these projects, showcasing her leadership and organizational skills. This experience is particularly valuable in complex litigation cases that require meticulous attention to detail and efficient management of vast amounts of information.

Commitment to Pro Bono Work

Throughout her career, Kristy Greenberg has demonstrated a strong commitment to pro bono work. Her involvement in the Pro Bono Law Society during her law school years set the stage for her continued dedication to providing legal services to those in need. This commitment reflects her belief in the importance of using her legal expertise to make a positive impact on society.

The Impact of Kristy Greenberg

Influencing the Legal Field

Kristy Greenberg’s contributions to the legal field extend beyond her individual achievements. Her work in antitrust, investment, and intellectual property law has helped shape best practices and set high standards for legal professionals in these areas. Her ability to navigate complex legal issues and provide strategic advice has made her a respected figure in the legal community.

Inspiring Future Legal Professionals

Greenberg’s journey from law school to becoming a leading attorney at MoginRubin LLP serves as an inspiration for aspiring legal professionals. Her dedication, hard work, and commitment to excellence exemplify the qualities necessary for success in the legal field. By sharing her experiences and insights, she inspires the next generation of lawyers to pursue their goals with passion and perseverance.


Kristy Greenberg impressive career in antitrust, investment, and intellectual property law highlights her expertise, dedication, and significant contributions to the legal field. From her early days in securities defense to her current role at MoginRubin LLP, Greenberg has consistently demonstrated her ability to navigate complex legal landscapes and provide strategic advice to her clients. Her commitment to pro bono work and her leadership in managing large-scale projects further underscore her impact and influence in the legal community.

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