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GEPCO Duplicate Bill: A Guide to Accessing Your Bill Online

GEPCO Duplicate Bill

Receiving and managing utility bills can sometimes be a hassle, especially when you misplace them or they don’t arrive on time. The Gujranwala Electric Power Company (GEPCO) has recognized this issue and launched a convenient service that allows you to access your duplicate bill and meter readings directly on your mobile phone via SMS or through an online portal. In this comprehensive guide, we will explain everything you need to know about obtaining your GEPCO duplicate bill, including step-by-step instructions and tips for managing your electricity bill more effectively.

What is GEPCO?

The Gujranwala Electric Power Company (GEPCO) is responsible for the distribution of electricity in the Gujranwala region, serving millions of customers. Ensuring that customers receive their bills on time and can access them easily is a priority for GEPCO.

Why GEPCO Duplicate Bill Service is Important

The duplicate bill service is essential for several reasons:

  • Convenience: Allows customers to access their bills anytime, anywhere.
  • Reliability: Ensures that customers do not miss bill payments due to misplaced or delayed bills.
  • Environmental Impact: Reduces paper usage by promoting digital bills.

How to Access GEPCO Duplicate Bill Online

Follow these steps to easily access your GEPCO duplicate bill online:

  1. Visit the Official GEPCO Website:
    • Open your web browser and go to the official GEPCO website.
  2. Locate the ‘Duplicate Bill’ Section:
    • On the homepage, look for the ‘Duplicate Bill’ or ‘Online Bill’ section. This is usually prominently displayed for easy access.
  3. Enter Your Reference Number:
    • You will need your unique reference number, which is printed on any previous GEPCO bill. Enter this number in the designated field.
  4. Generate the Bill:
    • After entering the reference number, click on the ‘Generate Bill’ or ‘View Bill’ button. Your current bill details will be displayed on the screen.
  5. Download or Print the Bill:
    • You can choose to download the bill as a PDF or print it directly from the website for your records.

Accessing Your Bill via SMS

In addition to the online portal, GEPCO offers a convenient SMS service to receive your bill details. Here’s how you can use this service:

  1. Compose a New SMS:
    • Open the messaging app on your mobile phone and compose a new message.
  2. Enter the Reference Number:
    • In the message body, type your reference number.
  3. Send the SMS:
    • Send this message to the designated GEPCO SMS service number. The specific number can be found on the GEPCO website or customer service contacts.
  4. Receive Bill Details:
    • You will receive an SMS with your current bill details, including the amount due and the due date.

Benefits of Using GEPCO Duplicate Bill Service

Convenience and Accessibility

The online and SMS services provided by GEPCO ensure that you can access your bill details anytime and anywhere, eliminating the need to wait for a physical copy.

Timely Payments

By having immediate access to your bill, you can ensure timely payments, avoiding late fees and potential service interruptions.

Environmental Impact

Opting for digital bills helps reduce paper consumption, contributing to environmental conservation efforts.

Record Keeping

Digital copies of your bills are easier to store and manage. You can keep track of your payment history without cluttering your space with paper bills.

Understanding Your GEPCO Bill

Key Components of the Bill

To make the most of the GEPCO duplicate bill service, it’s essential to understand the key components of your bill:

  1. Reference Number:
    • This unique number is crucial for accessing your bill online or via SMS.
  2. Billing Period:
    • Indicates the time frame for which the bill is issued.
  3. Meter Reading:
    • Shows the current and previous meter readings, helping you understand your electricity usage.
  4. Total Units Consumed:
    • The difference between the current and previous readings, indicating the total electricity consumed.
  5. Bill Amount:
    • The total amount due, including any applicable taxes and charges.
  6. Due Date:
    • The deadline by which the bill should be paid to avoid late fees.

Reading the Meter and Understanding Usage

Understanding your meter reading can help you monitor your electricity consumption. Here’s a basic guide:

  1. Locate the Meter:
    • Find your electricity meter, usually located outside your home or in a utility area.
  2. Read the Numbers:
    • Record the numbers displayed on the meter. This is your current meter reading.
  3. Compare Readings:
    • Compare the current reading with the previous reading on your bill to determine your usage.

Tips for Reducing Electricity Consumption

Monitoring your usage is the first step to reducing your electricity bill. Here are some tips:

  1. Energy-Efficient Appliances:
    • Use energy-efficient appliances that consume less electricity.
  2. Regular Maintenance:
    • Ensure your appliances and electrical systems are well-maintained to operate efficiently.
  3. Smart Usage:
    • Turn off lights and appliances when not in use. Use timers and smart plugs to control usage.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Not Receiving the Bill

If you are not receiving your GEPCO bill, try the following steps:

  1. Check Contact Information:
    • Ensure your contact details, such as your mobile number and email address, are correctly registered with GEPCO.
  2. Update Preferences:
    • Update your billing preferences to receive digital bills via email or SMS.
  3. Contact Customer Service:
    • If the issue persists, contact GEPCO customer service for assistance.

Issues with Online Portal or SMS Service

If you encounter issues with the online portal or SMS service:

  1. Check Internet Connection:
    • Ensure you have a stable internet connection when accessing the online portal.
  2. Verify Reference Number:
    • Double-check that you are entering the correct reference number.
  3. Retry SMS Service:
    • If the SMS service doesn’t work initially, wait a few minutes and try again.
  4. Customer Support:
    • Contact GEPCO customer support for technical assistance if needed.

Importance of Timely Bill Payments

Avoiding Late Fees and Penalties

Timely payment of your GEPCO bill ensures that you avoid late fees and penalties. These additional charges can accumulate and significantly increase your overall expenses.

Maintaining a Good Credit Record

Consistently paying your utility bills on time helps maintain a good credit record. This can be beneficial for future financial transactions, such as applying for loans or credit cards.

Uninterrupted Service

Paying your bills on time ensures uninterrupted electricity service, which is crucial for daily activities and comfort.

Future Enhancements in GEPCO Services

Digital Innovations

GEPCO is continuously working on enhancing its digital services to provide a better customer experience. This includes improvements in the online portal, SMS services, and mobile applications.

Customer Feedback

GEPCO values customer feedback and uses it to make necessary adjustments and improvements in their services. Customers are encouraged to share their experiences and suggestions.

Expanded Services

Future enhancements may include additional payment options, real-time usage tracking, and personalized energy-saving tips to help customers manage their electricity consumption more effectively.


The GEPCO duplicate bill service is a significant step towards making utility bill management more convenient and efficient for customers. Whether you prefer accessing your bill online or via SMS, GEPCO provides simple and reliable solutions to ensure you never miss a payment. By understanding how to use these services, you can enjoy the benefits of timely payments, reduced paper usage, and better control over your electricity consumption. Embrace the digital age with GEPCO’s innovative services and take the hassle out of managing your utility bills.

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